_caughtfire (_caughtfire) wrote in iamabercrombiex,

Picture Post;; 10 points

Going to the mall today, I'll post what I get later.
Have a fun Sunday everybody!!

P.S. - I destroyed those jeans myself. Do they look good? They kinda look tight in the pic, but only cuz I'm bending over. I'm really proud of them.
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what?! you did that yourself?! thats sooooo good!!
how did you do it??
i try to destroy jeans myself all the time... it never works when I do it!
Yours look good! How did you do it?
yeah, they do look really good! you'll have to share your technique with the rest of us!
I think I'll make a tutoprial for the community soon.

It's really easy, but kind of time consuming. The whole jeans took about 1.5 hours.
Hmm, I so want to know how you did them...they look great! It never works out for me. =(