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stamped// April Theme (i think... hahaha i'm fucktarded)

if i had a million of my own, i would buy our new house from my parents and have them live in it with me. lmao. i'd totaly write the rules. but i still could't buy it with only a mil. give me another mil, and we have a deal!!! hahaha. eeek. one mil isn't anything these days. sad, but true.

this is the house we are building. this is the model house. the only major differance is the garage is being changed to a 7 car. i don't think the rentals are making too many more changes. i can't wait till they break gound!

ps. i love you
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This post was obviously made to make me feel like cheap shit.. *kicks mobile home* haha :]

"As long as I make more money than jesus in a few years, I'm good" - Alex
Please post this in the correct entry, for the April themes.
i would.... but i don't think its clearly staited how to do this exactly. lol, i'm probably just retarded and can't see it. HELP!!!! lol
you click the link, and post it in a comment there.
that is what is so confusing! all your links are hidden among your text!

which link is it?
It's the very first thing, that says April Theme...right under the Themes gray bar.
All the April links go to the same thing though, so you could post it in any of the Contest/Theme or Scavenger Hunt links