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stamped//lets chat

So ya, i DEF am not as active as i should. i think i'll actually try now. at least for a while haha. shit.

but yeah, ya'll don't know much about me. so i will t e l l y o u a s t o r y

this is alex.
he works at the moose.
he has lots of things. nice things. [blank stare]
he goes to college at University of Wisconsin Whitewater.
he is the person who rips ProDisks. so if you have one... it probably originated from me.
he is a aftunes god.
he is a fitness instructor.
he stands at the doors of abercormbie & fitch half naked all the time to greet and take pics with customers.
he has a crazy gorgeous model onandofftypegirlfriend.
he holds two college swimming records as a freshman.
he is the youngest RA on campus.
he always gets asked if he is d r u n k when infact he doesn't drink. he is just fucktarded althetime.
he loves to workout till he passes out.
his dad is one of six vp's in north america of JPMorgan Chase Bank (BankOne)
his mom is retied and still young and gorgeous [i love my mom].
his older bro is having a kid and getting married.
his little bro is 16 and plays games way too much.
he loves you for reading all of these!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Second Semester
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First Semester

Summer 2005

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